Friday, June 28th

Saturday, June 29th


Reception and accreditation


Institutional welcome

  • Joseba Asiron, mayor of Pamplona


Opening Conference

  • Noemi Gonzalo Bilbao, director of Internal Communications for New York Road Runners (organisers of the New York City Marathon)

  • Greeting from Natalia Bayona, Executive Director of the World Tourism Organization


Sustainable experiences: celebrating the present without compromising the future

Mobility and the management of waste, energy and water are unavoidable challenges for the organisers of macro events in the transition towards a sustainable future. Minimising the environmental, social and economic impact is critical for today’s celebrations and experiences not to compromise tomorrow’s.

  • Celia Galera, president, AEI Rethink Tourism

  • Baltasar Pozuelo, CEO, Associació AREA8

  • José Manuel Serrano, responsible for sustainability, Concert Music Festival


Networking coffee


Quality tourism vs. overcrowding: the most complex balance

Cities hosting macro events are faced with the challenge of designing actions, infrastructure and service networks able to support the tourist profile that the regions demand. How can quality tourism be attracted?

  • Marc Grijalvo, Consultors, Bimconsultors

  • Lynn Wong, director of communication & meetings, eventoplus

  • Álex Heras, PR & Runner Experience, Valencia Marathon

  • Víctor Flores, Marketing and Culture Consultant for brands, festivals and institutions


The biggest showcase for the “city brand”

Taking care of intangibles, perceptions, reaching our target audience, creating relevant connotations for those we wish to conquer. How can we do all this so that major urban events add value to our city brand?

  • Ruth Pérez, Head of Communications, San Sebastian International Film Festival – Donostia Zinemaldia

  • Félix Muñoz, Communications consultant

  • Luis Gandiaga, director of Corporate Development, Somos Experiences