What is the
Urban Fest 365” ?

It’s the I International Congress on City Festivities and Macro Events, where the challenges faced by those cities hosting said macro events and festivities will be discussed, both regarding the amount of participants and the impact those events have on national and international media, and therefore, the influence they have on the public image of their cities.

Why in Pamplona?

Pamplona becomes the Party world capital for 9 days each year

It is a universal encounter, which takes hold of our city and projects itself onto the world. The world-wide impact of San Fermin festivities places Navarre’s capital within the privileged group of great cities which host macro events every year: Munich, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris… As opposed to all those cities, Pamplona is a much more relaxed city for the rest of the year, great for reflecting, meeting people and sharing knowledge. That is why, from a place of privilege and responsibility, Pamplona’s city council has organized a meeting to bring forth the most prevalent aspects of these macro-events: projection, tourism, sustainability, economic management, citizen involvement and security.